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5 Ways To Maximise LinkedIn For Your Business

5 Ways To Maximise LinkedIn For Your Business

According to an article written by Alex Rynne on LinkedIn’s blog, studies shows that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Many people don’t understand the benefits of using LinkedIn for your business. Some don’t even have an active profile. Do you know how to maximise this platform for your company?

If not this blog post is for you as we talk about 5 ways to maximise LinkedIn for your business.

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are something that many people don’t know about but can actually be very useful in allowing your business to become better known. The groups are used to increase the awareness of your brand and allow you to participate in discussions about your field of work.

It can also allow you to gain new customers as people can see you’re active and you are engaging with current topics in your industry.

Make sure your information is correct and up-to-date

Having an up-to-date information shows that your business is active and that people know where to find you. It also gives someone the option on how they can contact you which allows your business to be flexible.

Also, current information can allow your business to be found easier as people are always searching for keywords related to your business in certain areas.  For example, if people are searching for web developers in Manchester and your address is still Liverpool then you could miss out on potential customers as you won’t show up in the search.

Engage with people

Engaging is key because it allows you to build a relationship with people and by building a relationship first and bringing value upfront, it’s easier for people to do business with you.

Create a company page

Creating a company page allows your business to be found easier and allows you to keep your business content separate from your personal content. It also allows you to personalise your brand, making sure you attract the right customer for your business.

It also allows your employees to follow the page too and allowing them to engage with the content you create to increase the posts reach.



Be consistent

Like other social media platforms, consistent posts are key to raising awareness of your brand. Keeping you brand consistent to your other social media and business guidelines makes your brand more recognisable to people and easily discoverable, which is key to finding new customers.

The above are 5 ways to maximise LinkedIn for your business. Which point are you currently using? Which would you add to your marketing strategy for 2019? Are there any other points you’d like to add, leave your answers in the comment section below.

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