6 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Online Store

6 ways to increase traffic to your online store


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It’s all good having an e-commerce website for your online store but what’s the point of it being out there with no traffic or customers. You want to be able to get as much traffic and attention as possible so your business can strive. There are quite a lot of e-commerce stores built with Shopify. Reading this blog post will give you some ideas on how to get sales on Shopify.

There are a number of things you can do to increase e-commerce traffic, here are 6 ways.


1 – Influencers

Instagram is becoming one of the most effective marketing and social media channels for merchants. So you can have eyes on your products and an honest review, try and get influencers to try out your product and promote it.

Influencer marketing is a concept where your product and brand is endorsed by an influential figure. By reaching out to influencers who share the same audience, interests and values as your brand, you’re able to build a relationship with them, which will in turn get your product in front of their audience.

Due to their status as an influencer, they’re able to convey your brand as reputable therefore prompting their audience to buy from you.


2 – Share links

It’s easy to have an online store up and running but you need to get traffic to it. You can share your website’s link across all of your social media profiles so the closest group of people around you can share themselves or even visit your store.

Your link can have a snowball effect. As one person shares it, another person on their friends list shares it and one of their friends etc. It repeats again and again.


3 – Get friends and family to share

Relating to point 2, you need the closest people around you to rave about your brand and online store. Friends and especially family are a great group of people to ask to share your website first. Reach out in a targeted way to your friends and family to help you build social proof.

You could offer free samples to your closest family and friends and get their honest opinions. A little bit like influencer marketing. From there, they can spread the word to their closest group of people about your business and products.


4 – Invest in Google AdWords

One of the fastest ways of driving traffic to your online store is to pay for it. Unfortunately, unlike the previous points, this way isn’t to get organic traffic. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising method designed to draw people’s attention to your store.

You can tailor it so specific audiences in certain areas and keywords to make your ad appear at the top of the Google search engine page. Each time somebody clicks onto your ad Google charges you, hence it being ‘pay-per-click’, but it’s worth it once you gain a customer and make the money spent back.

Most people invest in Google AdWords as it can sometimes make your brand look reputable. For example, whenever you search for something online, specifically a big multimillion pound/dollar brand or business, they always seem to have an ad running with AdWords.

The reason for this is they can afford the cost of acquisition and will always make up the money through their continuous sales. If a smaller business was to run an ad, it could give the viewer/audience searching through Google a good impression about you and your brand.


5 – Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a big must when you have a website. When it comes to SEO, there are lots of areas to make your SEO successful, however, if you focus on the basics, you will start in the right direction.

Make sure to look up and research how to use SEO for your site. A few points will be to:

  • Use the right keywords correctly
  • Try and include internal and external links
  • Include alt tags for all of your product images
  • Write descriptive meta descriptions
  • Optimise your website so it’s mobile friendly and works at top speeds

Take time to carry out these thoroughly and you should see a positive change in traffic if you do it correctly.


6 – Email marketing

One big mistake that you can make as a new business owner is focusing too much on generating new customers and neglecting your previous customers.

Set up email campaigns and send them to your entire customer base to show them that they haven’t been forgotten. You can entice them to buy from you again with emails including promotional codes due to a seasonal event or because they have been a customer for a certain amount of time.

Once somebody signs up to your online newsletter, they have opted to join your email marketing campaign (which is a good thing!).

Always ask permission once someone creates an account or buys a product from you, if they would allow you to use their email address and other personal information for email marketing purposes due to the new GDPR law.


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6 ways to increase traffic to your online store