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4 Ways To Improve Your Content Curation

4 Ways To Improve Your Content Curation

In a previous blog we touched upon content curation pros and cons but we thought this week we should tackle how to improve your content curation to help achieve more marketing success for your business.


Ensure curated content is relevant

For content to bring value to your audience, it has to be relevant. Just like your own content, curated content should answer your audience’s questions or address their needs. Assess whether or not your audience will be interested in a piece of content before you share it on social media.


Include a variety of content

When you think of content curation, a lot of people automatically focus on articles or other forms of written content. Restricting yourself to just written articles is not ideal.

There are a lot of highly valuable content in various forms and curating a wide range of content makes it more interesting for your audience. Examples of content are infographics, images, videos, e-books, podcasts and more.


Use content from a variety of sources

Often times, you will find a great source to curate content from, it’s very important to find more than one source as multiple credible sources will provide a wider insight and add more value to your audience. By mixing it up you become a content curator.


Add value to the content you are sharing

When you share content on social media, rather than just posting the same link and headline, adding your expert thoughts and opinion will add value to the content.


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