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5 Video Ideas To Accelerate Your Business’ Growth

5 video ideas to accelerate your business growth

Videos are important when it comes to grabbing the attention of your followers and audience.

Instead of sitting through slide after slide of business pitches, why not create a simple yet effective video pitch to engage your audience? Are you advertising your product or service, pitching, or just trying to generate more sales? One word, video!

Here are 5 video ideas to accelerate your business’ growth.

1 – Explainer videos

Explainer videos simplify your company’s story about your product or service and it gives a quick explanation of what problems you could solve for others who decide to buy the product or service.

According to an article by Larry Kim on Medium, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video all about it, so explainer videos can help you to connect with these types of consumers.

Also, having a video like this can help with increasing your SEO rank on Google. This is due to Google not liking stale websites with page after page of pure block text, so including videos like this that grabs the visitor’s attention almost immediately is a big plus.

2 – Behind the Scenes videos

Taking your followers behind the scenes adds a lot of value. It humanises your company and gives your customers inside knowledge, meaning they can relate to you on a personal level, therefore building trust.

People love stories so a behind the scenes video will supply the storytelling that your followers will want to hear and see. Also, it demonstrates your love for your team and how down to earth you all can actually be.

In order to build relationships with your customers/followers, this kind of content is a necessity.

3 – Pitch videos

Videos always grab the audience’s attention. Most of us are drawn to visual approaches and as videos stand out it’s hard not to be engaged. Of course, if the video isn’t interesting you tend to switch off!

The human brains are in a way ‘programmed’ to pay attention to motion so if you are passionate about your pitch and that shows on the video, you will make a powerful connection with your audience.

Video is key to helping you stand out from your competitors, and also through video because you’re not under live pressure, you will be able to get more information across in a concise manner than what you could do pitching in front of others in real time. This is a good way to display how serious you are about your goals surrounding the business.

4 – Product videos

Product videos or demo videos, are made to demonstrate the benefits and features of the product that you’re trying to showcase/sell.

All products have a backstory, and videos make your product easier to understand in the eye of the customer/consumer.

These sorts of videos can help to explain the product in seconds, meaning that people won’t lose interest, also those who are committed to your brand and newcomers can connect with your brand a lot easier.

5 – Landing Page videos

Landing page videos are basically 2-3 minute videos which preview on the landing page of your website.

They can help introduce, explain and advertise your company quick and easy, which adds that extra bit of professionalism to your website.

The video is kept short and sweet so potential customers don’t get bored and actually use this video as an opportunity to consider buying the product/service.

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