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6 Tips To Improve Your SEO

6 tips to improve your SEO


SEO? Have you heard it before? We’re sure you have! Search engine optimization is key to improving the visibility of your business. With most people going to Google or another search engine when they have a requirement, you’d want to show up in these searches. We have created this blog post on 6 tips to improve your SEO.


Conduct keyword research

Understanding the search terms your customers use is key to correctly optimise your website and digital presence around the web. Customers will often search in detail, so you should brainstorm keywords around your business category and services.

You can use many tools to help you generate keywords or you could simply use the variations that google suggest in the search box and at the bottom of the search results page.


Write content with a longer shelf life

Evergreen content should keep visitors coming to your site long-term. This kind of content is more likely to rank on a long term basis.  This is so anyone could back to your content and it still be as relevant as it was when you first made it.


Optimize your pages

Optimizing your pages is more than putting keywords into your content. You must create quality content that is properly structured. Most people forget to optimise the title and the Meta descriptions of the content they create. Which is where some people fall behind on boosting their SEO.


Build links

Getting links to your site can help improve your rankings. When you have quality sites linking to your website and you linking to other quality websites (internal and external) the more authoritative Google determines your website to be.

This shouldn’t mean you go creating links to every website irrelevant to your content because this can in turn actually have a negative effect on your SEO.


Creating a blog

A blog is the best way to make sure you are actively using keywords as you should be writing about the value of the services and products that your business offers. But blogs are mostly to produce content for your audience to read and brings them back to your site again and again. It also shows your audience that you know everything to know about your industry, adding value to their visit to your website.


Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Being mobile friendly is another important factor that is going to improve your SEO. Your website needs to be mobile friendly as most searches come from mobile devices. Google is focusing heavily on mobile optimisation, adding text and labels to mobile search results to indicate those sites which are mobile-friendly. Improving your SEO ranking on Google.


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