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10 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Twitter

10 things to do to grow your twitter acct

Social media marketing is very important and if you’re a B2B (Business to Business) company, Twitter might be your go-to platform to advertise your product or services. There are a number of things that you need to do correctly to see a positive growth on your Twitter account but many aren’t considered. Here are 10 Tips to grow your business using Twitter:

1 – Optimise your profile

Optimising your profile gives you a better chance to catch the eye of other users on Twitter and also helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) [Twitter profiles are showing up on Google search results]. Your aim should be to create a good first impression. Your handle, bio, profile name, profile image and header are important when optimising your profile.

Your handle is your unique twitter URL and is how you’ll be identified on the platform to other people, therefore you need a simple yet recognisable username as short as 15 characters. But make sure to avoid numbers in your handle as Google can sometimes think that it’s ‘spammy’.

Your bio can only be up to 160 characters so you need the description of your business to be short, memorable and clear. You can add links, mentions, emoji’s and hashtags to help you to stand out, but make sure to use them wisely and they’re relevant for your business so they fit naturally.

Your profile name should be something very simple, the name of your business! There’s no need for anything else, especially a name without a relevance to your business as you need your audience to recognise your twitter page and know that it’s you straight away. They’re more likely to turn away if your profile is confusing, it may also give the impression that you’re not real or serious.

The profile image you use needs to be associated with your business as it reflects who you are as a brand, so more than likely your company logo is very effective as it indicates clearly who you are. It should be 400px by 400px to ensure that it’s a high-quality image but you need to make sure it’s consistent so if you rebrand your company, your image may need to change.

Your header image should be 1500px by 421px to make sure that like the profile image, high quality. The header needs to stand out and be relevant to your company and the information you provide. As your profile image covers a small section, make sure not to include any important information in the space where it’ll be completely covered.


2 – Post consistently

Posting consistently is really important when it comes to social media marketing and it’s very necessary. Waiting inconsistent times between posting valuable content will increase the probability of your audience and followers forgetting your brand, getting bored and the end result: unfollowing or not paying attention to your posts. Although might be time-consuming at times, posting consistently (e.g. 1 per day) will benefit you in the long run but refrain from posting too often (e.g. 5 per hour), as people can become put off or annoyed at your constant social media updates.

3 – Use relevant and trending hashtags

When it comes to hashtags, nobody likes a caption or a post full of them as it’s seen as ‘spammy’. Use a handful of relevant hashtags which targets an appropriate audience for your brand. Find specific hashtags for your industry, for instance, we’re a web development company so one of the hashtags we’ll use is #webdevelopment. Always remember to rotate your choice of hashtags to be seen by a different audience.

4 – Get involved in communities

When you get involved in communities, you can reach out to networks which you might not already be a part of and it can be seen as a virtual networking event. These communities are new people who you’ve not already met or interacted with so by getting involved you can provide value through expertise, increase brand awareness and generate customers. An example of this community is #PrestonHour. Every Monday from 8pm – 9pm, local businesses in the North West of England are able to network with each other using this dedicated hashtag.

5 – Engage with other people’s content

Engaging with other people’s posts builds trusts and shows that you in some way are supporting that person or brand. Sharing content from other people can provide value to your audience which you may not have been able to provide yourself, but making sure that you only share the best content for your industry.

6 – Provide value

When you post informative content which could benefit someone else on your twitter, it can provide value to the end user. The same goes for customer service, if you provide somebody with excellent service it can make them see that their say matters especially if they have a complaint and want it to be resolved. Connecting people with others who provide a specific product/service that they’re looking for can also help to provide value.

7 – Respond promptly

Customer service is massively important, especially as the majority of Twitter users try to contact brands through this platform whenever there’s a question or a complaint. All because it’s convenient! You must be proactive and reply as a lack of response is a genuine response and of course, it’ll be seen negatively. Fast and correct replies can set you apart from your competitors, and positive customer service can reflect on your brand and people may continue supporting you due to their positive experience.

8 – Have a link from other platforms

Linking your Twitter profile from other platforms gives your followers from other social media channels the opportunity to view your profile. Basically diverting traffic! It reinforces the fact that your brand it legitimate and overall increases your visibility.

9 – Post highly visual content

When posting content you want to make sure that it provides enough value and catches people’s attention to hopefully prompt them to engage or interact. Your posts need to resonate with your followers so they are more likely to follow your brand and keep up to date with your posts.

10 – Use twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is a handy, helpful tool for checking your engagement, interaction and impressions. You can see which posts/content had the most engagement with likes and retweets, understand how people interact with your tweets and who they are and get to know your followers. These insights make it a lot easier to recognise what is working well and what isn’t, helping you to improve to hopefully gain more engagement and interactions successfully.

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