4 Things To Avoid When Blog Writing

4 things to avoid when blog writing


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Blog writing is very important for your business for the reasons that it showcases your expertise, provides answers for queries that people are searching for and it drives traffic to your website.

You need to make sure you’re blogging correctly and providing the right amount of value for those who need it.

Due of the importance they have, any mistakes can either turn away readers or lose their interest, so here are 4 things to avoid when blog writing.


1 – Don’t write about what you don’t know

The point of the blog writing is to share knowledge or specific expertise, and if you don’t know what you’re actually talking about it won’t be perceived well. Don’t make any claims you can’t support or make yourself sound like an expert in an area that you know only little about.

You will provide more value if you blog about something which is bursting with information and expert knowledge, something which a large number of people can find helpful.

2 – Not knowing who your audience is

Knowing your audience is key for your business, it should be one of the top priorities especially with blog writing. You need to keep it consistent whether it’s professional, formal, informal or chatty. Any loyal readers that you have will return all because they like the style of your content and also the content you post (of course!).

If your topic changes drastically and has no relevance to do with your company or brand then it’ll confuse and turn away your readers. For example, we are a web development company and we keep our blog topics all about websites, digital marketing or social media, basically topics that are relevant to our industry. If we were to suddenly start posting about politics or fashion, our audience would understandably become confused and less likely to have any interest for our blogs.

3 – Don’t start your blog with the obvious

Your opening paragraph shouldn’t tell the reader any key information or the point you’re trying to get across straight away. The whole point is to entice them into reading more, and if you provide every single bit of information straight away then it’ll be one quick read.

Getting someone’s attention when they click onto your blog post is one secret to making them reading on, and is the first step to retaining a viewer.

4 – Having no plan

Touching up a little bit on point two, having no plan can possibly turn your readers away. If you have no plan for your blog writing and no idea what to write, the value you provide will be minimal to none. Not having a plan will mean that you’re not focussing on the topic entirely and you can easily find yourself writing about random topics and thoughts which again have no relevance to your industry or what your readers want to see.

The best way to maintain your readers’ attention and post great content is to identify what your readers want and feed them that information (obviously not straight away and in the opening paragraph). Strategically plan your blog posts to include useful topics with relevance and focus on the message you want to get across. Therefore providing that little bit of extra value for your audience.


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4 things to avoid when blog writing