Simple Tips To Help Market Your Business On Facebook

Simple tips to help market your business on facebook


As probably stated a lot of the time, Facebook is one of the biggest social media networking platforms with 1.15 billion daily active users. It would be silly not to try incorporating Facebook into your social media marketing strategy! For those who are just starting out, here are some simple tips to help you market your business on Facebook.


Optimise your profile

One of the simplest tips is to make sure that your profile is fully optimised. This includes choosing a page name and URL, including all of the most important information about your business and adding a profile picture and a cover photo. It helps with SEO on and off Facebook, to make you highly visible as well as searchable.


Use Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be an extremely effective addition to your strategy. If used correctly, these groups can help boost traffic and help with engagement. By using these groups and participating, you can help to establish yourself as an industry expert, offering helpful advice and tips to other businesses. You can create your own business groups based off your target audience.


Facebook ads

Presumably, everybody has heard of or knows about Facebook ads. If you know that you want to pay for some form of online marketing, why not try Facebook? As long as you have your budget in mind, you can specifically target the correct audience who will see your business’ ad.

You can start an ad from scratch or you can just boost an existing post. Based on your choice of call to action, you can easily tailor it to you to meet your target audience.


Target the correct audience

The best way to attract your ideal audience to your business is to identify who they are and specifically target your content to them. You can create a buyer persona to assist you with this. If you’re unsure about creating one, we have written a blog post to help you.

At first, you may not be able to get your target audience to like your business page or your content, so get those around you (e.g friends and family) to share your page and content, as it may reach the right audience through them.


Post valuable content

Valuable content is important to your current audience. If it provides high value and your audience think that it’s worth something, then they can share your posts meaning that their audience/friends will be able to see your content. It starts with one person sharing it, then another and continuing on. Potentially putting you in front of your intended target audience without having to do much but create content.


We’ve attached an infographic for you to view and download. If you need some help with your social media marketing or would like a free consultation, give us a call on +441613270427 or email us at and a member of our team will be happy to help.





Simple tips to help market your business on facebook