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Custom Web Applications

Our web design and development services in the UK are just two aspects of our extensive work here at SOS Creativity. The aim for us has always been and always will be to provide affordable, simple and efficient development of website and custom web applications. The web applications we create are entirely bespoke and developed to match your requirements.

We're a team of leading web developers who have years of experience and have earned the highest calibre of computing education; our leading developer is backed with a first degree in computing & website development.


What is a web application?

A web application in computing is a software application used to benefit a client/customer and a team of employees. Web applications run in a web browser and can include any form of digital application.

The most common web application that we are asked to develop include CRM, invoicing management, business analysis applications, reporting, and many other functions.

The reason we enjoy creating custom web applications with our clients is because there are no limits. You will have your expectations and we'll be able to meet those and produce a responsive web application to benefit you.

Why choose us to create your web application?

We use a robust framework to create our web applications, guaranteeing that your web application will be faultless, functional and reactive to yours and your customer’s needs. The reason our clients work with us is because we create web applications around your brief. All of our work is entirely unique and tailored to suit you.

Why you need custom web application development

Websites are essential to the success of your company, but there are other applications that will make you, your business and more importantly, your website stand out.

Intranets, reporting software, stock management, dashboards and internal operating systems are just some of the applications we can produce. We ensure that every aspect of your application functions successfully. With the use of the latest application development technology, we guarantee quality every single time.


However complex your web application, we can help

Our team of developers are extremely vigilant in their approach to developing web applications. Having formulated many web applications over the years, we are no strangers to complicated applications. Our knowledge and experience offer us the ability to meet your needs and provide a solution to your application requirements.

Our web application framework is what supports us and you throughout the process. It allows us to build complex web applications and acts as a way for us to build our applications fast and efficiently.

Our approach

The typical steps we take for a web application project includes:

  • Creating a roadmap before we begin our work together.
  • Research and define your web application’s target audience.
  • Decide on our approach in terms of our programmes and coding.
  • Put your custom web application together.
  • Test the application; examine its usability, quality, security, performance and stress tolerance.
  • Continue regular maintenance once you’re happy.

Find out more about our custom web application development today by giving our team a call on 0161 327 0427.

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