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How We Work

The secret to any successful business is their approach to work. We’re a web development company in Bolton that embraces collaboration with each individual we work with. Our process means that we can deliver work to match up to the high standards currently set for web design, web applications and technology overall.

The stages of working with our team

Our method for providing you with efficient web design is effective – we have worked with many clients across the world and have produced remarkable results. From the start right until the end, we will be there for you, and together, we’ll produce a quality looking website come the end of it.


Initial Enquiry


Getting started has never been easier. You can contact our team in a variety of ways, we’re just a phone call or email away. Failing that, drop in to see us at our office in Bolton. Once we hear about your project and your ideas, we’ll be able to nurture those ideas and begin to put together a plan to work for you.


Research & Plan


This second step is a big one for us. Research and planning is essential. To enable us to work together, it’s integral that we come up with a sufficient plan and to execute it to best meet (with the aim to exceed) your expectations. Development and design relies on planning, and we’ll never begin working until you’re comfortable and aware of the plan; with your input, of course.


Design & Development

Once we have agreed to a strategy, we’ll begin with the tasty stage of our work, the design and development. We use a comprehensive development program called SCRUM, which is an agile software development methodology that guides us through every project. It allows us to tick all the boxes in satisfying your development requirements, ensuring we never miss a step.

Testing & Launch


Any website we design & develop must pass our strict standards before it’s unleashed. The usability and website responsiveness need to be quick on demand and every command must be achieved promptly; we can guarantee this through our rigorous testing. After it passes our tests and receives your approval, we’ll launch your website.


Delivery & Aftercare


After your site is launched, we will provide you with free support for 2 weeks; changes or amendments are completed free of charge during this period. Teething problems can happen with any newly developed website, and we’ll be on hand to prevent any substantial issues and rectify them quickly, ensuring they do not happen again.

Want to Get Started?

We set out with the vision to create applications that can be used by millions of people across the world, and these steps allow us to do so with every single web development project we undertake.

Get started today with our simple, efficient and affordable web application services by getting in touch with our team.

We’re available on +44 (0) 161 327 0427 and via email: