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How we work

Our process


The secret to any successful company lies in their processes and their approach. Our main objectives are to deliver astounding service and tangible business results for your company.

Through years of education, research and experience, we have created a five-stage process that helps us deliver astounding customer experience as can be seen on our website, Google reviews, Yell, Yelp, Bark and many more.

How we work1

Initial enquiry


During the initial enquiry stage, we listen to your goals, the challenges stopping you from achieveing them and understand who your ideal customers are. Want to get started, book a free consultation today.

How we work2

Due diligence


From the notes taken during the initial enquiry, the next step to ensure we can help your company grow is due diligence. Our process here involves multiple research and analysis such as; competitors, keywords, audience and many more.

How we work3



The next step to generating tangible business results for your company is the implementation phase. Using the results from previous steps, we're able to strategise and carry out the necessary activities to achieve your business goals.

How we work4



For long term sustainable success, once the strategy is implemented, the next step in the process is testing. Using the feedback we receive from data, we're able to consistently and optimally refine our activities to ensure you achieve your business objectives.

How we work5



Delivering astounding service is our #1 priority. During the support phase, we make sure your needs are taken care off by being available to provide answers to any questions or queries you might have.


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