3 New Instagram Updates In 2019

3 new instagram updates for 2019


Social media is constantly changing and updating, so keeping up to date is vital for your business. In a previous blog, we spoke about 3 new Instagram updates and how you can use them for your business, so here are 3 of their newest updates Instagram have made in 2019, and how you can use them for your business.


1 – Alternative text in posts

Alternative text descriptions have currently been added to Instagram as one of their new helpful features. They have introduced this feature so the platform can be used by those who are visually impaired, giving them a better experience of the app.

Within these descriptions, you give a bit of context behind the picture that you’ve just posted. Users with their screen readers on will have the text of the alt text descriptions read out loud to them.

You can rely on automatic alternative text which would make life a lot easier. It’s quite impressive how it has its own object recognition technology but you can also create your own custom descriptions. This takes a bit more time but it can ensure that the description is more accurate.


WhatsApp Image 2019-02-07 at 12.24.23

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-07 at 12.24.23 (1)


2 – Story ads added to Facebook

As most marketers should know, Facebook allowed you to post advertisements onto Instagram stories and you’ve probably seen them a lot, especially every time you’re flicking through them.

A fairly new update of late last year (2018) meant that you could post ads onto the Facebook story feature as well as Instagram. Stories are a great way to discover brands and also inspire people to take action.

This helps with expanding your reach as not all of your target audience are on Instagram and the same goes for Facebook. You are able to reach your audience on both platforms.



3 – Hootsuite video scheduling

Even though this point highlights Hootsuite’s new features, we thought to mention this within this blog post as it’s a feature that could help make your social media marketing a lot easier.

Previously, if you had a business account linked to your Facebook, you were able to post directly from Hootsuite straight to Instagram. It’s always been a huge time-saving asset, and as Instagram updated their API at the end of 2018, they allowed third-party management platforms and tools (Hootsuite) to be able to share videos directly.

It’s a game changer for a lot of businesses and especially marketers. So no more posting separately, you can now upload your images and videos and schedule them together.


We’ve attached an infographic for you to view and download. If you need some help with your Instagram account, give us a call on +441613270427 or email us at info@soscreativity.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to help.



3 new instagram updates