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5 Myths About SEO

5 Myths About SEO


You have probably heard us talk about SEO a lot but are you falling into the myths that are associated with SEO?

These common misconceptions about SEO usually catch people out, but to avoid these problems, we have created this blog on 5 myths about SEO.


Myth 1 – The more pages you have, better the rankings

Some people believe that you will gain more traffic to your website by having more pages but this isn’t enough. If you don’t have fantastic content, you will not rank well, and those who strive to have lots of pages on their website tend to overlook the quality of their content.


Myth 2 – More links are better than more content

It is essential to focus on the quality of links you are gaining, rather than the quantity. Sometimes less is more if you know how to build links the correct way. Focus on creating quality content with the help of quality links because too many links can create negative SEO for your page if the links are toxic.


Myth 3 – Local SEO doesn’t matter anymore

If you’re a local business optimising for local search, then local keywords are necessary for you. This is because many local businesses are found nowadays by local SEO, as people are actively searching for local businesses. 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information, so it evermore relevant to optimise your Google my business profile.


Myth 4 – Images don’t require any optimisation

Alt text on images improves your on-page SEO. Hard to believe, right? This is because search engines cannot see images on websites, so it is essential to give the image a descriptive alt text and relevant name to ensure Google knows what the image is. This also means that you have extra opportunities to include keywords in your content. Do not fall into the keyword stuffing trap, however!


Myth 5 – I don’t need a mobile optimisation strategy

60% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites and penalises those that aren’t fully optimised for mobile in mobile search results. This hurts your SEO and where you rank on google. So it’s as important as ever to make your website mobile optimised so people can find you.


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