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6 Most Common Myths About Websites

6 Most Common Myths About Websites


With over 1.94 billion websites online are you stuck within the myths of websites?

As the fight for the top spot on Google becomes an increasing battle, website knowledge has never been more important.

To make sure you aren’t caught in the myths we have created this blog on the 6 most common myths about websites.


I don’t need a website

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Even if your business has social media it’s not enough to show up in these searches. To get your business in front of your customers you have to have a website.

A website allows your customers to find out information about your business and can find ways to contact you.


The more features on my website the better

A website should be practical to use while also attracting customers to your brand. But using too many features can just simply get in the way of your business and can have a negative effect on your online presence. Just use one or two features that are useful to your website. Keep things simple and you will see a positive effect on your business.


It doesn’t matter what my website looks like

Looks are always important when it comes to websites. You don’t want your website to look boring, so create your website to represent your brand. Websites also contribute to your brand image and can be the biggest factor in attracting new customers. So put in just as much as effort as you do running your business.


I’ll be on the first page of Google after my website is created

People think that after creating your website you will automatically show up on the first page which is not true especially for a small business. To rank on google you have to consider and implement SEO as part of your website maintenance. This allows customers to find you based on a number of keywords that you have selected.  SEO is the most important factor in getting your website seen.


I don’t need to update my website

Wrong. Updating your website regularly is important for SEO and for making sure information is up to date.  The more content you have on your website the more chance you have of ranking as Google has more pages to crawl to look for keywords. Maintaining your website allows you to update the software’s used on your website minimising the chance of someone hacking your website.


Once I have my website, I’ll immediately get leads

To get leads on your website you have to first let people know it’s there. This can be done by sharing it on social media or letting people find your website on google.


The home page matters the most

What is the point in having a website if the first page is all that matters? Every page is just as important as the first. This is because customers are likely to flick through multiple pages so they should be as presentable as the first. Just think as if the home page is the introduction to your business and what you offer and then every other page is more in-depth information about your business.


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