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Link Building: The Basics

link building the basics

Link building is the process of getting other businesses/websites to link to your website, and it helps with your SEO efforts.

We build links because it tells Google that your website is a quality, reliable resource, therefore helping you to rank higher on Google’s search pages.

If you didn’t already know about the benefits of link building or even link building techniques, this blog will explain the basics of why your business needs it.

Why it’s important for SEO

If you didn’t already know what SEO is, it’s best you learn first! Google looks at everything on a web page including the backlinks. There are 2 different types of links, inbound and outbound. Inbound links are links coming to you from another party and outbound links are from your website to a third party.

If a website with high domain authority creates a piece of content similar to one you’ve written and then they link back your website, it tells Google that your content is credible, therefore helping to rank you higher.

SEO is more important than ever in 2019!

How to get sites to link to you

You have to create high-quality content first. It needs to be unique and something that others will naturally refer to when talking about a relating topic. Influencers can help too. Get your product/service to be reviewed by influencers such as popular bloggers with a high following. If they review you on their website, they’re creating links to you and your website therefore helping with your SEO.

How link building can benefit your business

Link building can often involve outreach to other businesses of a similar industry. Even though a common goal is to get a link, outreach can help you build long-term relationships with others in your industry, including key influencers.

We’ve mentioned how link building helps with SEO, but what about referral traffic? If a high ranking website links to your website, they probably have a lot of visitors who could potentially be directed to you, thus creating referral traffic.

Good link building can help you build your brand and establish you as an industry expert. If your content is being linked on other business’ websites, it adds credibility to your brand, potentially helping you to be known in your industry better than you were before.

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