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How to Keep Your Brand Consistent Across Social Media

How To Keep Your Brand Consistent Across Social Media

Managing multiple social media profiles can be a difficult task. With each platform having its own rules, it can be hard to stay consistent across the platforms you’re working with. For example, Twitter has a character limit of 280 while Instagram has a video length limit of 59 seconds (Longer videos can be uploaded to IGTV).

With that said, it can be hard to stay consistent while adhering to the rules. In this blog post, we cover how to keep your brand consistent across social media.


Understand your target audience

What’s the point of publishing content when you don’t know who you’re aiming your content at? Defining your target audience will ensure that you create high quality content that will resonate with your target market. Also having a target audience will keep you focused when creating content because you know what your audience finds valuable, you’ll stay away from creating non relevant content.


Keep your content consistent

Conflicting messages will confuse your customers and could harm your brand. Hence, it is essential to keep the content you share on your social media channels consistent. By using the same language, tone of voice and style, this will ensure consistency across your social media channels.


Maintain visual consistency

As humans, we’re heavily visual therefore by maintaining the same visuals throughout, this will help your audience recognise you regardless of the platform. For example, using the same logo, the same colours, very similar layout, using the same font and so on. Sticking to your brand guidelines will help you stay consistent across all platforms.


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