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How To Increase Your Following On Twitter

how to increase your following on twitter


Previously, we have written a few blogs about Twitter and how to grow your business using it, but how do you specifically increase your following organically through different activities?

The effectiveness of this platform depends on the marketing strategy you use to promote your business. Here are a few ways to increase your following on Twitter.


Have an optimised profile

This point often appears on our blogs, and that’s because it’s the first thing you should do when setting up a social media profile. It’s important.

An optimised profile will help you to come across more professional. Other users of Twitter may be reluctant to follow you if your profile looks messy and unprofessional, because they may wonder how you can provide them value through the platform.

You need to:

  • Have a simple yet relevant handle
  • Use your business name as the profile name
  • Use your company logo as the profile picture
  • Have a short and snappy profile bio



When it comes to engaging on the platform, there are a few things you can do that don’t take much time. As Twitter is a great tool to help build your community, it’s essential to build relationships with your followers, other businesses and like-minded people. This can help increase your credibility. Therefore, the followers of those connected with you can begin to follow you too.

Part of the engagement could be to ask for a retweet or be generous and promote others. If you do, you can thank them and recommend their work to others. If you already have a relationship with them, this process will be more natural for you. Again, once their followers see you promoting their account, they could be more likely to start following you.

If the favour is returned and you are then promoted too, this is a prompt for their followers to connect with you, as the promotion tweet is letting them know that you’re credible and a trustworthy account.

By merely engaging with as many people as possible within your niche on the platform, this raises your profile, which over time increases your follower count.


Share relevant content

Excellent and related content is what gets people talking about you and sharing your tweets, therefore increasing your reach and growing your followers. You can achieve this by developing a great content strategy, relevant to your business and will provide continuous value to your followers. If they find it valuable, they’re more likely to share it; further increasing your reach.

Add personality to your posts and make them personable to your followers. While doing this, It’s also crucial to be authentic and professional.


Promote your profile on other platforms

You can promote your Twitter account on your other social media accounts. It only has to be a small post, prompting your followers and connections to go and follow your Twitter account. You can also incorporate your Twitter name/handle, along with other social media, on separate pieces of content discretely such as at the end of video content or on any images you create and share.

If an active follower on Facebook sees that you use Twitter but doesn’t follow you, it can prompt them to go and follow you on the platform.

You can also ask your email subscribers to follow your account. Be sure to let them know about any interesting discussions, topics or conversations they can expect to find if they click the follow button.


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