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How To Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

How to grow your business using Pinterest

Does your business use Pinterest? With over 250 million users every month, your business should be actively using it as part of your marketing strategy.

How to use Pinterest for marketing? How to use Pinterest for business? These are the questions that businesses are constantly asking so we made this blog on how to grow your business using Pinterest to answer these questions.


Share Your Products

Pinterest is a visual platform. Until recently, everything that is uploaded is image based only. You can now post videos as well. When posting things to Pinterest, they can be re-pinned by other profiles, increasing the exposure of your posts (pins). Pinterest also allows you to categorise pins into groups, allowing potential customers to see similar products. By doing this you can create a virtual product catalogue for your business, allowing people to see all your products in one place.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

When creating pins you have the opportunity to create a backlink to your website. This backlink sends people straight to the place where they can buy the product, bringing more traffic into your website. When people have been redirected to your website, they also have the opportunity to check out other parts of your website increasing your traffic.

Business Accounts

When starting up on Pinterest, you have the option of changing your profile into a business account. This can be beneficial as it can allow your pins to be seen by more people and like other platforms can allow you to run ads on your pins. By having a business account, you can engage with your audience and get to know what they are interacting with.

Represent Your Brand

Like any other social media platforms, you are creating a representation of your business. Pinterest is another way to showcase your business to people you’re engaging with on the platform. Due to other profiles being allowed to share your posts, it expands the reach of each post massively. The knock on effect can allow your business to growing its online presence and customers potentially as people are interacting with your business.

We hope these points help your business to create a Pinterest marketing strategy. Send us a message if you need help or would like more information.

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