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How To Grow Your Business By Creating A Buyer Persona

How to grow your business by creating a buyer persona

Buyer Personas: Helps businesses understand their customers so they can do a better job of acquiring and serving them.

Did you know that? If not then this blog is for you, as we talk about how to grow your business by creating a buyer persona.

  • Reaching the right target audience

By reaching the right target audience you are increasing the potential for new customers as the buyer persona you have created will makes sure you are aiming your business at the right type of people and not just anyone.

This means that by fully understanding your target audience you can make sure you are getting the most out of the money spent on acquiring new customers and you can make sure you’re targeting the right people to benefit your business.

  • Segment the market

Segmenting the market is essential to any business because in most cases there will be different interest within your customers.

For example, if you’re a headphone brand like SOS Sounds, an 18 year old college student and a 35 year old professional who commutes by public transport could be your perfect customer. However these 2 individuals will have very different interests. Therefore by segmenting your market, you’ll be able to target a much defined audience which will result in more sales if done correctly.

This means that you can grow your business through the different buyer personas that you create.

  • Help develop products more effectively

By creating a buyer persona you can develop new products better as you know what your customers are looking for, making the advertising of the product easier.

Also, by making it to the buyer persona you can estimate how well the product will do and how much revenue you will achieve to see if designing a new product is right for your business.

  • Understanding customer needs

Understanding customer needs is a really important part of any business as it’s the customers who are buying your products or service so by creating a buyer persona you can find out what the needs are and how to adapt your offerings to them.

This allows you to be relatable to your customers as you know what they need, making you stand out from your competition and growing your business.

  • Consistency across your business

Consistency is key to any business as it makes sure your business is the same for every person and that you can ensure a positive experience is created for each customer.

This means by creating a buyer persona, you can understand and work with the same audience, allowing you to aim your business at the right people and gain the right customers to grow the company.

  • Stand out from your competition

Standing out from competition is important because it separates you from the other businesses and allows you to be the first choice for people.

This is because you know how to help the right audience and how you can adapt to gain the right customers for your business. Allowing you to have a competitive advantage and be the top business in your market.

  • Attract better quality leads

By understanding the different buyer personas, your marketing team will be able to create the relevant content to attract these type of people meaning the company can generate better quality leads to help your business grow.

There are many free website where you can create your own buyer persona. We like the resource Hubspot ( created to help you build your buyer persona. If you have any question about this topic, contact us to find out the answers.

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