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How Exactly Does Blogging For My Business Work?

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Why blog for business? The simple answer is to increase your brand awareness.

Blogging for your business is an easy way of increasing the amount of people that know about what your business does. As a small amount of businesses actually do this we decide to write this blog post to show you the importance and answer the question of how exactly does blogging for my business work?

–    Helps to drive traffic to your website

By regularly adding blogs to your website you’re updating the content on your website. By doing this you are improving the SEO on your website, giving your website the opportunity to show up in more searches. This allows you to drive more traffic to your website as your content can be seen by more people.

Also by creating blogs you have more content to promote on your social media. Allowing it to hit a different audience it may not reach if it was just on your website. Allowing more people to see it and potentially driving more people to your website.

–    Long-term results

Your blog posts will always be on your website so this means that people can access them 24/7. This means that you are always giving value to people and traffic is always coming into your website as your content is still relevant to what people are searching.

So by having the posts up all the time, your content can still generate leads for you months down the line, as it is still relevant to people now as it was when you first posted it. So by regularly posting blogs, it means you have more potential content to gain leads from.

–    Giving insights into what you know

By writing about what you know, this means you can aim your blog posts at the relevant people and gain the right customers for your business. It also shows that you know your business, you have the relevant skills and knowledge about the market that you are in and puts you ahead of your competition.

–    Attract new customers

By creating regular blogs you are targeting a new market and potential new customers. People may prefer to read blogs then to use social media so by adapting your content to suit different people, this means you are opening up your business to new people.

These people can then potential turn into customers for your business as you have shown that your business can adapt its knowledge to different customers

–    Improves your SEO

By regularly adding new blogs to your website, this gives you the opportunity to answer peoples search queries through your blogs. People are always searching for answers to their questions on Google. If your blogs provides the relevant answers, it will increase your rankings with Google meaning your website will appear in more searches, increasing the exposure of your website and blogs. It also puts you ahead of your competition as your business will be higher up in google as you have a range of keywords that your blogs and website are ranking for.

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