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10 Customer Service Skills To Wowing Your Customers

10 Customer Service Skills To Wowing Your Customers

Your customers want to be wowed not sold to! In a recent survey, Harris Interactive found out that only 1% of consumers say expectations for good customer experience are always met. Learn more about the top 10 customer service skills to wowing your customers in the info-graphic provided by mattsfactor below.

1 – Product knowledge

You never know what questions you’ll be asked by your customers. Comprehensive knowledge about the product is necessary. You should know how it works, the features the benefits, how to use it and the general information about the product. This is the most important tool for closing sales, as it instills faith, trust and respect in the customer. This then creates a positive customer experience.

2 – Attentiveness

Don’t underestimate your customers. Customers sometimes experience a lack of attention from people working behind customer services. As we all know, it’s not a nice feeling to be ignored so be an active listener and try to demonstrate initiative during conversations.

3 – Appropriate Communication

Speaking in an appropriate manner makes it easier to establish a good relationship with customers. Always listen to what they say and answer concisely and accurately. It will help your customer gain confidence in your company, especially in you.

4 – Patience

Take your time when finding out what your customer needs. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure you listen carefully to what your customer has to say. Being patient and not getting rid of your customers as quickly as possible will help them maintain a positive opinion about you and/or your company.

5 – Empathy

Develop empathy if you want to better understand your customers. Having empathy and the ability to understand the feelings of your customers can solve many problems which concern products or services you offer.

6 – Honesty

Honesty is profitable both for you and your customers. Being honest with your customers even if the information isn’t positive will keep the reputation and trustworthiness of your company. Being dishonest can affect this substantially. As they say, honesty is the best policy.

7 – Adaptability

Every customer is different so you have to be flexible. Everybody has their good and their bad days including your customers. Sometimes being calm with open ears and forgiving is the best way forward. But always remember to be firm with the ruder customers but the key is staying calm!

8 – Work Ethic

Conscientiousness is highly appreciated by customers. A strong work ethic keeps the company working at its peak. A customer appreciates it when an employee has a high work ethic, especially when they solve the customer’s problems.

9 – Self-control

That’s what makes you a professional in the eyes of your customers. Always remain calm, even with rude customers. Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a punching bag for customers! Touching up on adaptability, if a customer exceeds the limits and becomes rude, be calm but firm.

10 – Responsibility

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility. If you are a representative of a company, you are responsible for the way they function. If customers make a mistake with your product or even damage it, you have to try and help them, which is one main part of your responsibility.

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