Common Misconceptions About Video Marketing

Common misconceptions about video marketing


Video marketing has grown with popularity over the past year and more businesses are implementing it into their digital marketing strategy. And why not? It’s a brilliant way of distributing your content in a different way. But some shy away from using video marketing due to being unsure.

Here are some common misconceptions about video marketing.


View count is the only metric that counts

Most people/businesses only measure the success of their video campaign by the view count metric. Views are only one small part of engagement and analytics for your video, they are a good way to drive brand awareness but there’s a lot more to consider when doing your video campaign.

From the video analytics alone, especially on YouTube, you are able to see more than just views. You can see who has been targeted, their gender, which country they live in, how many times they viewed and where they switched off. Just from these small areas alone, it can indicate where you’re doing things correctly and where you can make improvements.


YouTube is the only place for video

YouTube is one of the largest search engines to exist but it doesn’t mean that the entire online population are on there or in fact use it. If your distribution stops solely at YouTube then you are missing out on the audience who use other platforms.

For instance, Facebook is the largest social media platform and according to Forbes, over 500 million people are watching video on there every day. Still better than none right?

Share your video across a range of social media platforms and don’t just keep it down to one.


Content is irrelevant as long as the video looks good

Wrong. Content is relevant and is the most important part. We always say that content is king, and well, that’s because it is! It’s good to make the video ‘attractive’ but it’s even better if the content is relevant and important. This way you can attract people and keep their attention at the same time.


You don’t need video

We’re in 2019 and video marketing is proving to work extremely well. Want to hear some statistics to change your mind?

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product (HubSpot)

Mobile video usage has increased by 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years (HubSpot)

78% of people watch videos online every week (Digital Information World)

We definitely do need to add video marketing into our strategies!


What do you think about these common misconceptions? Leave a comment below!



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common misconceptions about video marketing


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