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16th August 2018
Marketing strategies for small businesses

Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

  Many questions are asked about marketing such as “What are some common marketing techniques for my small business?” or “what are good marketing strategies for a small business?”. The answer is: some techniques work for particular niches whilst others don’t. So in this blog, we will be addressing small business marketing strategies that work for almost everybody which almost every business should already have implemented.   1 – Google My Business Ranking your Google […]
9th August 2018
Surprising Social Media Facts

Surprising Social Media Facts

  As we’ve already established, social media is rapidly growing and if you’re using it for your business it’s best to keep up to speed with recent trends surrounding it. It’s good to know exactly what’s going on so you can adopt certain things to help with your strategy. Here are surprising social media facts 2018.   1 – Almost one-quarter – 23% – of Facebook users check the site five times or more per […]
2nd August 2018
what makes a start up successful

What Makes A Startup Successful?

  Startups will always face multiple challenges and uncertainty and on average 9/10 will end up going out of business. There is a consistent set of key success factors for startups and qualities which makes these businesses successful. In this blog post, we will be finding out what makes a startup successful. Here are 5 reasons that businesses succeed.   1 – Founders of startup businesses are driven and focused, resulting in passion and commitment, […]
26th July 2018
how to improve your video marketing

How To Improve Your Video Marketing

  In this day and age, content isn’t just about blocks of text full of information, it’s also images, video and audio. All of these different types of content can carry the same message but you need to be able to do it right. As video marketing is now becoming important for your digital presence, you want it to be as precise as possible so it provides value and the correct information to your audience. […]
19th July 2018
3 tips for making a good website even better

3 Tips For Making A Good Website Even Better

  Having spent a great deal of time on creating your company’s website, you may think that once it’s done then it’s done! As easy as that sounds, you should always want your website to be constantly better than it was the day before. There are many things you can do and implement such as improve website design or functionality, but here are 3 tips for making a good website even better.   1- Keep […]
12th July 2018
4 faq about content marketing

4 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing

  Content marketing is important for businesses with an online reputation but many don’t understand how it works or what it even is! As it can be confusing for many people and companies, it’s something that you need to spend a good amount of time on in order to get your strategy to work effectively. To help some of you who are struggling to understand why we need content marketing in 2018, here are 4 […]
5th July 2018
inbound marketing 6 things youre fogetting to do

Inbound Marketing: 6 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy which focuses on attracting customers through content that they may find helpful and could provide them value. Your potential customers find you through social media, search engines and blogs mainly through your created content, without marketers or sales employees going out to find specific customers. What is outbound marketing? Outbound marketing is similar but focuses more on finding the client rather than them finding you through […]
28th June 2018
handy tools to use in your marketing strategy

Handy Tools To Use In Your Marketing Strategy

  Your business should have a digital marketing strategy in place, but are you using any helpful time-saving tools? There are many you could use to help simplify your marketing efforts and reduce the time you spend on certain areas of marketing. Here are some handy tools you could use to help with your digital marketing strategy.   1 – Hootsuite (Social media marketing) Posting content on social media has become an importance for any […]
21st June 2018
3 simple steps to growing your Instagram following organically

3 Simple Steps To Growing Your Instagram Following Organically

  Growing your Instagram account organically seems like a long and tedious task when there’s such thing as buying followers, likes and comments, which are usually bot accounts. Your profile won’t look legitimate or professional if somebody was to go through it and see that the majority of your followers and engagement were fake. Many people struggle when it comes to the organic side of it all. It’s simple once you understand what certain things […]
14th June 2018
3 donts of customer service

3 Don’ts Of Customer Service On Social Media

  Video Version Written Version Customer service is extremely important for your business. You need to be able to answer questions and queries asked about your brand in order to instil trust in your customers and it also shows that your company is serious. According to, 83% of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase. With that number so high, it proves that you need to be on top […]
7th June 2018
4 things to avoid when blog writing

4 Things To Avoid When Blog Writing

  Blog writing is very important for your business for the reasons that it showcases your expertise, provides answers for queries that people are searching for and it drives traffic to your website. You need to make sure you’re blogging correctly and providing the right amount of value for those who need it. Due of the importance they have, any mistakes can either turn away readers or lose their interest, so here are 4 things […]
31st May 2018
10 things to do to grow your twitter acct

10 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Twitter

  Video Version Written Version Social media marketing is very important and if you’re a B2B (Business to Business) company, Twitter might be your go-to platform to advertise your product or services. There are a number of things that you need to do correctly to see a positive growth on your Twitter account but many aren’t considered. Here are 10 Tips to grow your business using Twitter:   1 – Optimise your profile Optimising your […]
24th May 2018
5 Tools Every Small Business Owner Must Use For Digital Marketing Success

5 Tools Every Small Business Owner Must Use For Digital Marketing Success

  Digital marketing can change your company massively if you’re implementing things properly. With technology evolving, you need to keep up to date with the necessary tools that could help your business to grow. With the end goal of marketing being to drive traffic to your website and convert, here are 5 tools every small business owner must use for digital marketing success.   1 – Google analytics Google Analytics allows you to track your […]
17th May 2018
3 popular ways you can use social media to make more sales

3 Popular Ways You Can Use Social Media To Make More Sales

  Social media opens up a large area for you to implement strategies to help your business. The old saying goes, people do business with people. On social media, there are a lot of people. By being on these platforms, being social and providing value, there are a few ways you can use these platforms and channels to help increase sales. Here are 3 of the most popular ways you can use social media to […]
10th May 2018
5 video ideas to accelerate your business growth

5 Video Ideas To Accelerate Your Business’ Growth

  Video Version Written Version Videos are important when it comes to grabbing the attention of your followers and audience. Instead of sitting through slide after slide of business pitches, why not create a simple yet effective video pitch to engage your audience? Are you advertising your product or service, pitching, or just trying to generate more sales? One word, video! Here are 5 video ideas to accelerate your business’ growth.   1 – Explainer […]
3rd May 2018
4 simple marketing techniques for start up businesses

4 Simple Marketing Techniques For Start-Up Businesses

  Video Version Written Version Marketing should be a number one priority for literally ANY business. It’s important to put your brand’s name out there for whatever your business’ goal is, whether it’s to be seen by a large audience or to gain a high number of sales, the only way that you can do this is through marketing! It’s also crucial that you use the correct methods and techniques that suit your industry, you […]
26th April 2018
how to define your target audience

How To Define Your Target Audience

  Video Version Written Version When thinking about target audience, the big question is “Who is my target audience?” sometimes a harder question to answer than anticipated. It’s very important to know who your audience is, if you don’t then you may be marketing your products or services to the wrong category of people. Sometimes it’s quite self-explanatory who they are, for instance we are a web development company so we primarily focus on selling […]
19th April 2018
3 things business succeed online 2018

3 Things Your Business Must Have In Order To Succeed Online In 2018

  Video Version Written Version If you own a business, you want to be successful right? It’s every business owners dream to be number one, but there are some key things that you need in order to be successful. You need to take into consideration things that could make or break your business online and offline. Here are 3 things your business must have in order to succeed online in 2018.   1 – A […]
12th April 2018
4 common myths

4 Common Social Media Marketing Myths

  Video Version Written Version Social media marketing is fairly new to the business game (by fairly new, I mean a lot of people are really just starting to get it). In the last couple of years, more and more businesses are beginning to address their online presence. Just like anything, there are going to be a handful of misconceptions, so here are 4 common social media marketing myths.   1 – My customers aren’t […]
5th April 2018
2 new instagram updates

2 New Instagram Updates and How You Can Use Them For Your Business

  Video Version Written Version Social media is always changing and updating, so keeping up to date is vital for your business. Instagram has made massive changes over the past couple of years and has definitely stepped up their game. Here are 2 of their newest updates they’ve made in 2018 and how you can use them for your business.   1 – Instagram Shopping Online shopping has now been made easier for both businesses […]
29th March 2018
4 ways you might be messing up your linkedin profile

4 Ways You Might Be Messing Up Your LinkedIn Profile

  Video Version Written Version LinkedIn is an essential professional and personal branding tool. Over the past few years, it has become vital for businesses/business owners to showcase their experience and expertise on LinkedIn. But many people aren’t doing it properly! Here are 4 ways you might be messing up your LinkedIn profile.   1 – Having an unprofessional or awkward profile picture Your LinkedIn profile photo should make potential employers or business partners feel […]
22nd March 2018
5 reasons why people dont trust your website

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Trust Your Website

  Video Version Written Version There’s nothing worse than turning away potential customers due to your website. There are crucial elements, that you may not even think are important, which you need to incorporate onto your site. We’re in 2018 and some businesses leave out the most simplest of components resulting in loss of customers converting. To make sure that mistake isn’t made, here are 5 reasons why people don’t trust your website.   1 […]
15th March 2018
5 things you website must have in 2018

5 Things Your Website Must Have In 2018

  Video Version    Written Version It’s 2018 and we’re well into the digital age, and as of last year [2017] according to Enterprise Management 360 stats show that 1.98 million SME businesses don’t have websites, costing them over £343 billion every year! With those scary facts and the points we covered in Do I Really Need A Website For My Business, it is very important to have a website. Year on year, trends […]
8th March 2018
3 reasons you should have a website maintenance strategy in place

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website Maintenance Strategy In Place

Video Version Written Version Website maintenance is crucial for your business especially with frequently changing technologies and algorithm.  One of the ways to help your business grow online will be to have a website maintenance strategy in place as in order to get better results from your website, it should be seen as an ongoing project and here are 3 reasons why.   1 – Fresh & updated content By updating your website content frequently, […]
1st March 2018
5 FAQ video marketing

5 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Video Marketing

Video Version Written Version Video marketing is one of the best forms of marketing at the moment. According to WordStream, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. With video marketing being one of the hottest trends of 2018, here are answers to 5 most frequently asked questions surrounding it.   1 – What is video marketing? Video marketing is a type of online marketing and advertising which has grown increasingly popular […]
22nd February 2018
10 tips to make social media work for your business

10 Tips To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

  Social media is the perfect place for marketers and business owners to show themselves to the right audience at the right time. The idea for 10 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business came from an infographic created by Devrix. We loved the infographic so we decided to expand on each tip to increase understanding. The original infographic is attached below. Enjoy!   1 – Know your audience To be able to […]
15th February 2018
18 ways to build a strong brand

18 Ways To Build A Strong Brand

  Video Version Written Version The idea for 18 Ways To Build a Strong Brand came from an infographic which was created by Monitor Creative. We loved the infographic so we decided to expand on each tip to help increase understanding. The original infographic is attached below. Enjoy!   1 – Be instantly recognisable Being recognisable as a company is awfully important as you want someone to be able to look at your marketing materials […]
8th February 2018
5 Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

5 Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

  Video Version Written Version Last week we covered the million pound question of do you really need a website for your business? The short and simple answer was: YES you needed one like yesterday! Which we explained with 5 simple reasons.   What we wrote made sense so you finally agreed with us and decided to get a website developed for your business and now you’re asking the 2 million pounds question of “How […]
1st February 2018
10 Customer Service Skills To Wowing Your Customers

10 Customer Service Skills To Wowing Your Customers

  Video Version Written Version Your customers want to be wowed not sold to! In a recent survey, Harris Interactive found out that only 1% of consumers say expectations for good customer experience are always met. Learn more about the top 10 customer service skills to wowing your customers in the info-graphic provided by mattsfactor below.   1 – Product knowledge You never know what questions you’ll be asked by your customers. Comprehensive knowledge about […]
25th January 2018
50 ways to market your online business

50 Ways To Market Your Online Business

The idea for 50 Ways To Market Your Online Business came from an infographic which was created by Raelyn Tan. We loved the infographic so we decided to expand on each tip to help increase understanding. The original infographic is attached below. Enjoy!   1 – SEO optimise your content SEO optimising your content makes it easier for potential clients or customers to find your business online. When someone searches a query on the internet, […]