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Natalie Schofield

7th March 2019
Simple tips to help market your business on facebook

Simple Tips To Help Market Your Business On Facebook

As probably stated a lot of the time, Facebook is one of the biggest social media networking platforms with 1.15 billion daily active users. It would be silly not to […]
21st February 2019
6 tips for running a successful business

6 Tips For Running A Successful Business

Being an entrepreneur is a big deal. You’ve just set up your dream business in the hopes to be successful as soon as possible but how can you grow in […]
7th February 2019
3 new instagram updates for 2019

3 New Instagram Updates In 2019

Social media is constantly changing and updating, so keeping up to date is vital for your business. In a previous blog, we spoke about 3 new Instagram updates and how […]
24th January 2019
Common misconceptions about video marketing

Common Misconceptions About Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown with popularity over the past year and more businesses are implementing it into their digital marketing strategy. And why not? It’s a brilliant way of distributing […]
10th January 2019
what is the importnce of branding

What Is The Importance Of Branding?

Branding is what gives your brand an identity. It’s how others recognise your company and also allows customers and clients to know what to expect from your brand. It goes […]
3rd January 2019
How Does The Hashtag Work

How Does The Hashtag Work?

Hashtag was a concept invented in 2007 by Chris Messina “friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag (original proposal), former Googler, and proud participant in the open source/open web communities”. […]
27th December 2018
Achieving Your New Years Resolution Goals

Achieving Your New Years Resolution Goals For Your Company / Business / Organisation

In the new year we’re fairly certain you’ve heard the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” more times than you care to count. But if you don’t know the actual meaning, according to […]
13th December 2018
christmas marketing ideas

Christmas Marketing Ideas

Businesses love to use Christmas to their advantage when it comes down to marketing. It’s the time of year when you can really use this holiday period to your advantage. […]
6th December 2018
How To Get Customers Without Spending Any Money

How To Get Customers Without Spending Any Money

This can mean social media platforms or any community based websites. People post about their issues on many different places such as Facebook groups, Quora and niche forums. Use these […]
29th November 2018
4 Answers to the most frequently asked questions about chatbots

4 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Chatbots

Do you want to schedule a meeting, hear about the news or know what the weather’s like? There’s a chatbot for that! Chatbots are now becoming the norm especially within […]