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Achieving Your New Years Resolution Goals For Your Company / Business / Organisation

Achieving Your New Years Resolution Goals

In the new year we’re fairly certain you’ve heard the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” more times than you care to count. But if you don’t know the actual meaning, according to the Oxford dictionary, a resolution [short and sweet] is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.

Therefore a new year’s resolution is a tradition in which you make a firm decision regarding anything from the beginning of the new year. E.g. I will use less swear words this year. Haha, wish us luck on that one!


Conducting a lot of research about new year’s resolution for businesses, by “a lot” I mean the first page on Google for my searched term; the major points that came up are:

  • Simplify – Don’t over complicate anything! Keep things clear and simple
  • Stay ahead of your competition – Deep down, as a business owner, you want people to choose your company over others. Stay ahead of your competition by using your online presence to its advantage
  • Build more brand awareness – In 2019, being on social media is very important for your business. By being online, will take you that step forward with your brand awareness.
  • Expand – Building and expanding your business is important and brilliant for each company. Make sure to keep up to date with trends, especially for marketing.
  • Be more profitable – This speaks for itself. Every business wants to be more profitable!


Here at SOS Creativity, we’ve got the perfect way for achieving your New Years Resolution goals for your company/ business/organisation. Taking a spin of all the “new year new me” going around, we’ve taken on the approach of #NewYearNewSocialMediaStrategy.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how will a new social media strategy help me achieve the goals listed above? Well, I’m glad you’ve asked!

In case you’ve forgotten, the goals are to simplify, stay ahead of your competition, build more brand awareness, expand and most of all, be more profitable. We strongly believe in the phrase “Simple but Effective”. By getting your social media managed by SOS Creativity, you will build more brand awareness just by the power of having an online presence.


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