Introducing SOS Creativity - SOS Creativity

Introducing SOS Creativity

Since our establishment back in February 2017, we have grown tremendously in such a short space of time. Our years of experience in the dexterity of web development meant that we could incorporate SOS Creativity, and better help those individuals and businesses who wanted to create an impressive looking website and responsive web application.

With an office based in Bolton, we not only offer our expert web design experience to those in Bolton, Greater Manchester and the surrounding area, but across the world. The power of technology has allowed us to work with delightful individuals across the globe and across 5 continents, including Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

What We Do

We’re a website and web based application development organisation, providing you with astounding products and services to better your digital existence and your customer’s online experience.

What we love most about what we do is there are no limits. We can work with anyone in any industry who are looking to display their brand, product, service or talent. The variety of work we complete is exhilarating, and we thoroughly enjoy the variety.

We pride ourselves on being very easy to work with. Through excellent communication during the project life cycle, we guarantee to deliver quality work at the end of it all.

Our services includes:

A Class Apart

There are a lot of factors separating us from our competition. The major factor is simply the way we work. By putting you, the client, in the centre of our processes from the start, we can build a trustworthy relationship with you and not stop until you’re entirely satisfied.

We’re a transparent web design company in Greater Manchester that relies on collaboration and passion to create any website or application.

We’ve already received positive recognition for our work, being shortlisted for the Online Business of the Year award at the E3 Awards 2017.

Our Innovative Approach

Our work ethic is what differentiates us from the competition – we treat our clients with respect and deliver a high level of customer service.

Our customer journey is faultless, and we’re able to provide such an experience due to our bespoke CRM system; which enables us to log every enquiry and interaction we have with our clients. This way, we’re always up to date and our time working together will be seamless from start to finish.

As a business, we embrace trust, honesty and efficiency. We only want to deliver the best product and provide a faultless service throughout. We specialise in website development, we know this is our niche, and that is why we will not attempt anything if we do not believe that it’s possible or of benefit to you.

Want to Get Started?

Check out our work and see how you can benefit from our expert web design in Manchester. We’re confident you’ll be impressed and believe you’ll want to get started straight away.

Get in touch today, we’re available on +44 (0) 161 327 0427 and via email:

For more information, check out our range of quality development services.